Student Opportunities

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The Aerospace Research Center is a multidisciplinary research unit aimed at developing and enhancing the next generation of air transportation. Faculty from across the College of Engineering participate in creating cutting-edge solutions to current and future aerospace challenges.

Graduate and undergraduate students are key to realizing success in the ARC labs. Students perform critical roles in research projects, learning hands on skills and directly engaging in the research process.

Graduate Students

Students enrolled in master's or doctoral degree programs at The Ohio State University may seek to obtain a graduate research associate (GRA) position at ARC through various departments within the College of Engineering. Programs supporting graduate student research include MS (thesis/non-thesis) and PhD (BS to PhD and MS to PhD).

Students should contact faculty members in their areas of interest to discuss available opportunities.

Primary associated departments:

Undergraduate Students

There are a limited number of research assistant positions at ARC available for undergraduate students enrolled in degree-granting programs at The Ohio State University.

To discuss available opportunities, students should contact faculty members and researchers in their areas of interest.

Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars from academia, industry and other organizations provide important contributions to ARC research. Those seeking potential opportunities should contact faculty members in their areas of interest to discuss availability.

External Scholarships and Fellowships

The Ohio Space Grant Consortium (OSGC) offers students an opportunity to apply for scholarships and fellowships. To be considered for these awards, students must be citizens of the United States pursuing a degree in a STEM-related discipline.