Research and Testing Facilities

The unique, custom-designed facilities of the Aerospace Research Center are a critical national resource for discovering new knowledge, inventing technologies and solving society’s toughest air transportation challenges. Our collaborators include industry, academia and government organizations, who often partner on using our high-end facilities.

Many of these facilities are available for contract work and can be extended to a wide variety of situations to meet research and testing requirements. A summary of our world-class facilities and instrumentation capabilities is provided below.

Facilities and Equipment

Partners working with ARC benefit from the skill and knowledge found within ARC's mulidisciplinary laboratories. Additionally, ARC researchers have full access to the Ohio Supecomputer Center, located on the university's campus.

  • Wind tunnels: supersonic, subsonic and transonic
  • Laboratories and equipment: anechoic chamber, turbine test facilities, engine simulation
  • Instrumentation: laser-based diagnostics and data acquisition systems


Capabilities corresponding to specific areas of aerospace engineering:



James Lawson
Assistant Director


image of UAS wind tunnel testing


image of gas turbine research facilities


image of small wind tunnel