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Current Research

Development and application of fast-responding pressure sensitive paint for unsteady aerodynamic measurements
Development and application of localized arc filament plasma actuators (LAFPAs) for control of high-speed and high Reynolds number flows
Supersonic inlet control using LAFPAs to improve efficiency and performance of supersonic aircraft
Jet noise mitigation using LAFPAs in commercial subsonic and supersonic aircraft, and in tactical military aircraft
Flow separation control over an aircraft wing using nanosecond pulse-driven dielectric barrier discharge (NS-DBD) plasma actuators as well as blowing/suction to reduce aircraft weight and to improve aircraft efficiency
Three-dimensional bluff body wake control using DBD plasma actuators
Helicopter dynamic stall
Flow control applications to low-pressure turbines
Investigation of deposition on gas turbine (both air and land) performance for application to environments such as volcanic ash clouds
Aerodynamics and heat transfer of turbomachinery in both small-scale cascade type and full-scale rotating turbomachines
Aeromechanics and structural dynamics of full-scale fan and compressor
Aircraft engine test cell aerodynamics, acoustics and cell flow characteristics for both high-bypass ratio turbofan engines and afterburning turbojet engines

Sponsors and Collaborators

The research sponsors include the Department of Defense (AFOSR, AFRL, ONR, NAVAIR, Army), NASA, the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy and various industries such as GE Aviation, GE Energy, Boeing, Honeywell Engines, Siemens and Honda R&D. Exploiting their physical proximity, AARL researchers have strong interactions and collaborations with the researchers at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Air Force Research Laboratory in Dayton, and GE Aviation in Cincinnati. In addition, AARL researchers work closely with various research groups and laboratories at Ohio State, including the Nonequilibrium Thermodynamic Laboratories, and computational and control groups.