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Ohio: a world leader in aerospace and aviation

The state of Ohio has a distinguished history of pioneering achievements in aeronautics and space exploration. These include the revolutionary first flight of the Wright Brothers, the first American orbiting the Earth by Senator and Astronaut John Glenn, and the first walk on the moon by Neil Armstrong. Ohio has produced 24 astronauts—more than any other state. Continuing this proud legacy, Ohio is home to major government and corporate entities in aerospace, aviation and flight. They include NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, one of three major NASA centers in the U.S.; the nation’s largest Air Force Research Laboratory in Dayton, which includes four of the seven Air Force Directorates; GE Aviation in Cincinnati, the largest manufacturer of aircraft engines in the world; and many smaller companies and satellite suppliers. Today, the Buckeye State continues to be a world leader in the aerospace industry, which produces an annual economic impact of more than $8 billion and employs 130,000 highly skilled professionals.