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Aerospace Research Center Facilities

ARC possesses tremendous and unique research facilities, which include: two subsonic wind tunnels with speeds up to aircraft takeoff and landing speeds; a transonic wind tunnel simulating both steady and pulsating flows; and two supersonic wind tunnels. ARC also includes a jet facility with an anechoic chamber with capabilities to simulate both subsonic and supersonic jets; engine simulators for use in test- cell and free-field environments; a low-pressure turbine linear cascade; a high-pressure turbine vane annular cascade sector with high temperature capability; a turbine test facility that can accommodate multi-shaft engines with turbine diameters up to 35 inches; a compressor spin pit; and a fan spin pit. The turbine, compressor and fan facilities utilize actual engine hardware and run at real engine speeds. Also included in ARC is a wide range of instrumentation from conventional to advanced laser-based diagnostics and data acquisition systems.  In addition to many work stations, clusters and resources, ARC researchers have full access to the Ohio Supercomputer Center, which is located at the Ohio State campus.

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