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About the Aerospace Research Center

turbine laboratoryThe Aerospace Research Center (ARC) focuses The Ohio State University’s aerospace activities, to optimize and connect core strengths and to address current and future air transportation challenges.

ARC is a unique concept among U.S. academic institutions. Adopting an industry model, the center unites many aerospace disciplines, including power and propulsion, aerodynamics, material science, control and manufacturing, all under one virtual roof.

Aerospace at Ohio State

The Ohio State University College of Engineering boasts an impressive aerospace resumé. Reflective of a truly interdisciplinary field, aerospace education and R&D resonates in several college departments and laboratories.

Significant areas of research strength include gas turbines, flow and acoustic control, materials, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, sensors, manufacturing, and global positioning and timing. However currently, there are limited interactions between these strength areas. With a long range plan and appropriate support ARC would facilitate and catalyze collaboration among these core disciplines.

Nearly 60 faculty members (tenured, clinical, and research) from the College of Engineering who are involved in aerospace research have helped forge strong ties with industry and funding agencies. Over the past 10 years, air transportation research and manufacturing initiatives at Ohio State have attracted $160 million of externally-sponsored research support, including more than $45 million from industrial partners. This research activity supports and engages approximately 300 graduate students.

Primed and Positioned for Success

Independently, Ohio State’s assets and the state of Ohio’s critical mass of aerospace entities are impressive. When harmonized, however, these assets become advantages and make The Ohio State University the world’s epicenter for air transportation innovation and education.

Video Presentation

Click below to view a short video about Aerospace, Aviation and Flight at The Ohio State University.